American Birth Rates

The media and politicians are using the declining birth rate as a reason for more third world immigrants. They also support taxpayer funded abortion in America and other under developed countries.

The declining birth rate is due to the increasing cost of living in America. The increasing cost of living in America is due to the burdensome cost of our government at all levels. Taxation at all levels of government is very high. The federal government is bringing in record levels of taxes, but still running a deficit and adding to the debt.

Taking these things into consideration you would think that if native birth rates were really the problem, the government would pass family friendly tax breaks and other legislation that would be family friendly.

They would stop taxpayer funding of abortion and use that money to promote adoption by incentives to adopt. Childless couples spend millions at fertility clinics to have children.

Lastly, why would they spend taxpayer money on abortion in other countries, while allowing waves of illegal immigrants from third world countries?

My answer to these questions are that these politicians are being paid handsomely by some very rich people to make America financially insolvent and filled with third world immigrants who will not know any better than voting for more of the same. To be continued…..

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