The Year of the Woman

In American politics the gender awareness crowd is clamoring for more women in politics. They are happy so many new ones were elected. If they were elected because they were the most qualified I have no problem with that. If they were elected because of their gender, color, religion, and or any of the other EEOC checkbox identities, I am against them.

Two of the newly elected women called a sitting president a mother fuc… This is an all time low in political discourse. The phrase suggest the person is someone who might have sex with their Mother. One of the newly elected women politicians did this in front of her children.

I think that most politicians are corrupt and self serving. It is the nature of that profession. When you add this level of vulgarity into this equation, it reinforces negative stereotypes.

Injecting women and people of color and different religions will prove only one thing, corruption is an equal opportunity vice. Two recent and notable examples are Obama and Clinton.

My primary mentor in life was my Grandmother. She had five children at home, no hospital. I am thankful that she was nothing like any of the above mentioned women. She was a classy lady, full of love and charity for all. Never heard her swear, even once.

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