Brexit: The Great Disappointment

Why would any citizen give up the sovereignty of their nation to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in another country? It makes no sense at all to anyone with even modest critical thinking skills.

Rigged Game

The “European project” has only ever had one real agenda underpinning everything it does: a desire to integrate the countries of Europe so closely under a new system of government centralised in Brussels that it would be extremely difficult for any country to leave it.

By Richard North and cross-posted from his blog,

Booker has dedicated his last column of the year to Brexit matters, with the heading: “Europe’s ‘great deception’ fooled our politicians for decades. Next up, the great disappointment…”.

As we move on from enjoying our last pre-Brexit Christmas to thoughts of the year ahead, he writes, only one prediction can be made with absolute confidence: that the national mood next Christmas may not be quite so merry.

From there, he has managed to circumvent the usual Telegraph ban on mentioning my name by the device of referring to our book. Booker regards it as one of his…

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