2018: The Year Citizens Busted the Royals for Their Attempted Overthrow of Donald J. Trump

Declassify the whole package. Sunshine is the best sanitizer.

American Intelligence Media

This headline will not come as a shock to followers of the American Intelligence Media as they have read and listened to our countless citizen intelligence reports, posts, audios, and videos on how American operatives of the Senior Executive Service worked hand-in-glove with British MI6 and Queen Elizabeth’s Privy Council in a covert operation to overthrow Donald J. Trump.

These two videos below, produced by Declassified, are excellent summaries of what AIM has already uncovered. Of course, you will never get this kind of honest reporting from Fake Fox News because it, along with the other corporate media channels, are part of the coverup and coup d’etat that we have experienced in America for decades. From the false flag called 9-11 to the illegal spying on Donald J. Trump, the corporate media, as directed by the British Tavistock Institute and AVID Isis Management, have been brainwashing citizens around the…

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