Spend Now Tax Later

It seems that governments all around the world are spending money they do not have. Businesses and personal debt has followed suit. Businesses can raise prices but that can be risky. Governments can print money to alleviate the short term pain.

In the long run, governments will have to come up with more revenue and the hunt for taxes begins. The carbon tax is the most insidious and regressive. Coming in a close second are pension taxes and social Security taxes. When politicians talk about the debt, the first words out of their mouths are taxes.

Why not talk about shrinking government down to an affordable size? That would hurt their power base, the government workers, their families, public unions, defense contractors, welfare recipients, lobbyists, and all the other crony capitalists.

It is all about power,  when they take away our money, they take away our power, and that is all by design.

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