Governments Spying on Citizens

We have been led to believe that the massive government spying agencies were put in place to keep us safe from terrorists foreign and domestic. We learned in the last election cycle that those agencies so well funded to protect us were being used by devious politicians to spy on their political enemies. Which is supposed to be against the law.

Time after time we have the mass shootings and other crimes going on right under their noses yet they continue. The so called safeguards put in place in exchange for our freedoms fail in tragic ways. The perpetrators of these crimes and their actions should have been well above the radar, but their systems continued to fail. Each time they failed politicians and their media shills clamor for more rules and regulations. Nobody in the system who failed is ever held accountable.

A recent court filing by the victims of the Parkville mass shooting, asked for damages from the government agencies who failed to protect them. The lawyer in a robe decided that “the government was not responsible for their safety”.

You take that ruling and couple it with politicians who want to restrict legal gun ownership, and you come to the logical conclusion that you are not allowed to protect yourself and your family. The government cannot or will not control the criminals and mass shootings, so they want to control legal gun owners?

Connect the dots here. One ruling by a lawyer in a robe outed their entire agenda. The politicians want you disarmed while they are protected by people with guns,gates,and walls paid for by us.

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