Taxation and Political Power

We have a tax system that punishes those who work for a living. This is all by design. We now have more people getting money from the federal government than we have paying into it. Thusly, a 22 trillion dollar debt that we are paying interest on. Obamacare was another stealth tax on working Americans. You can’t insure millions of uninsured without someone paying for it in one way or another. The working class has paid in higher premiums, and deductibles ,while getting less coverage.

More and more illegal immigrants keep pouring into our country keeping wages low. Business like Amazon, Walmart, Fed Ex, etc. benefit because they don’t have to offer healthcare benefits. The cost for healthcare has been passed onto working taxpayers.

Trump give us a meager tax break and deep state DC goes wild asking who is going to fund the welfare state and the endless wars? With less disposable income, the average American cannot afford to support political candidates who represent their point of view.The lobbyists and the special interest groups win again.

Without a vibrant working class, this country digresses into a bankrupt shithole much like the countries the migrants are fleeing from. The middle class made America what it is and now greedy,corrupt,and self serving politicians are killing the golden goose.

The answer is not to hunt for or fabricate more things to tax, but to shrink the federal government down to a manageable size.

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