Open Borders and Illegal Immigrants

According to polling, most Americans from both parties and all racial identities , do not approve of illegal immigration/open borders. The majority of Americans are in favor of legal immigration. We are a nation of borders and laws.

Most Americans believe in the rule of law. Many of our politicians like to cherry pick which laws to enforce, and who to enforce them on. Legal immigrants do not support people who jump the line for entry into our country. Legal immigrants have gone through the process of becoming Americans.

The globalists and or leftists like to shut down the honest debate of this issue by declaring opponents of illegal immigration as racists,or xenophobes. There is room for compromise and intelligent debate on this issue, but that would require or politicians from both parties to do their jobs instead of constantly running for re election on our dime.

Neither political party corrected our “broken immigration policy ” when they controlled the entire federal government. This tells us they would rather divide us and keep this mess alive rather than do their jobs and fix it.

We should tell them all to quit posturing in front of cameras and do their highly paid jobs of finding compromise and fixing it.

We are 22 trillion dollars in debt and the middle class is shrinking rapidly. We are digressing into the haves and the have nots. These cheats beating politicians are solidly in the haves column.

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