Truth News Headlines November 30, 2018

It is all unfolding that Russigate was a big expensive hoax.

American Intelligence Media

Mueller inquisitorTT nov 29

digital inquisition The digital inquisition being waged by the GLOBALISTS is against all PATRIOTS of all nations.


The Dirty Dossier: Clinton, Trump, Russian Spies, & The 2016 Election. This is an excellent lecture that will get you all caught up on Hillary and the swamp. We enjoyed it and hope you will, too. Plus, we need as many folks in America to understand the depth and breadth of the DC criminality so that when Trump starts dismantling it, we can give him lots of support.


FRIGHTENING! Red Laser Dots Float on President Trump’s Chest and Face During White House Speech (VIDEO)


TT UkraineTT Putin.

FINALLY!! Employees of Google Speaking Up About Evil Dragonfly

The Verge reports that employees working for tech giant Google are divided over the company’s plans to launch a government-censored Chinese search engine, codenamed “Project Dragonfly.” Anger over the project has been previously reported on by Breitbart…

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