The HQ2 Scam: How Amazon Used a Bidding War to Scrape Cities’ Data

Just when you thought they couldn’t sink any lower.

Rigged Game

The news of the lucky winners—New York and Virginia—exposes the bad faith of Amazon’s much-hyped search.

By David Dayden and cross-posted from In These Times

Over the past year, mayors and governors nationwide have fallen over themselves to offer cash bribes to Amazon to court its second headquarters, billed as a “full equal” to its Seattle home base. Two hundred and thirty-eight cities submitted bids to attract HQ2, as it was quaintly known, stuffed with billions of dollars in government subsidies and detailed plans for how to accommodate Amazon employees’ housing and transportation needs. Some of these bids were borderline absurd: Chicago offered Amazon the income tax receipts from its own staff.

Practically every other multinational corporation in the world opens branch offices in other cities without fanfare. Google’s offices in Berlin, London and New York are not considered second or third headquarters – they’re just regional offices. Google…

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