GALT: The Best Kept Secret in the World that Could Free Humanity with Unlimited Free Energy

Research Thoriun Reactors.

American Intelligence Media

By AIM Patriot and Energy Expert ‘Condor’

On November 3, 2018 your American Intelligence Media published an article by Steven Aftergood titled:

Invention Secrecy Hits Recent High

I wanted to comment on it. Steven Aftergood wrote, “Whenever disclosure of a new invention is deemed to be “detrimental to national security,” a secrecy order may be imposed on the patent application, preventing its public disclosure and blocking issuance of the patent. 


By the end of FY 2018 (September 30, 2018), shadowy government officials, just over the last seven to eight decades, have issued “5,792 secrecy orders.  Just in the last year, since 2017, the American public has been again denied the knowledge and possible benefits of an additional 77 patentable advancements, most of which, the American taxpayers funded.”

Part I: Was GALT DOE’s first detrimental to national security target?

2Globalists have feared American innovation for centuries. Globalist wanted…

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