The Corporate Media Complex

The big alphabet media networks all run on money from advertising. Stop that flow of money and you can stick a fork in them. They know it and respond forcefully when one of their “journalists ” get too far off the ranch. They can also be removed by social justice warriors, the me too police, or the thought police.

If anything they say or do alienates an advertiser, even the most tenured personalities can be removed. This is why they have the same old experts and pundits on every day.

You will not see any guests from the alt media. The networks are all located in the coastal areas, like the government, they are geographically isolated in their own little echo chambers.

The alt media has cranks too, but you have many more choices of outlets, literally thousands. You can count the mainstream news media outlets on one hand, and their regular experts on two hands. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Tune out the talking heads in the mainstream media, and get some unfiltered facts,opinion, and critical thinking in the alt media. End of rant and thanks for indulging me.

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