Political Realities of Today

When Obamacare was passed Democrats controlled the Congress and the White House. Not one Republican voted for it. When it passed big insurance companies stocks soared. Millions who were uninsured, were insured. Those who were insured and paying for insurance, saw their rates skyrocket, and their coverage shrink.

In the next election cycle, the Republicans ran on repealing Obamacare. That did not happen, they are now very quiet about Obamacare.

The Chamber of Commerce was all about passing and keeping Obamacare because it lifted the burden of insuring employees from the businesses who employed them to the taxpayers.

You can spot the same thing happening with immigration reform. Neither party fixed it when they had the numbers. Big business wants cheap labor and more immigration, Democrats want voters and Republicans are serving their corporate masters too.

In the end, we are all being fed a shit sandwich, and all we get to choose is the kind of bread.

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