Why Brexit Is Just a Sideshow for an EU Beset by Problems on All Sides

The struggle against globalization continues

Rigged Game

Italy is in meltdown, Hungary in open revolt, and the US wants a trade war. Small wonder Europe’s leaders haven’t got much time for Brits.

By Daniel Boffey and cross-posted from The Guardian

There is a weariness to the coterie of diplomats and officials based in Brussels intimately involved in the negotiations over the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European union. Privately they describe it as “Brexit fatigue”, the result of second-guessing a chaotic situation in Westminster for two years, and working through the summer in response to the demand from the Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab, for continuous negotiations. These officials from the 27 other EU member states were picked as the brightest and the best for the existential crisis of the time, but the hard truth for these ambitious men and women is that the crisis in question is no longer Brexit.

“You go to the capitals, you…

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