Illegal Immigration

What the pro illegal immigration advocates seem to be missing in this debate is the unfairness of jumping the line.

There are people from all over the world that try to legally immigrate to America. All of the for different reasons. Some are from far worse countries than we have in South America. Some of the people in the most recent “caravan” looked fairly healthy and well fed to me.

Back to my point. Why should people who just show up at the border be given preference over those who try to come here through legal means. If you buy into this concept of rewarding bad behaviors, you are condoning lawlessness. Which is what many of these immigrants claim they are fleeing from.

While I usually do not virtue signal my own proclivity for helping those less fortunate than myself, I will make an exception here to make a point.

My family has a tradition of sponsoring people from around the world who are in need. We do this on an individual basis. Our money goes directly to the person sponsored. 3% goes to administrative costs.

We believe in helping people prosper in their own homeland, alongside their loved ones and relatives. No government agencies are involved and no political agenda is advanced.

Help people where they are to make their own homelands better. Do not uproot them and take away their history and extended families. Show your virtue directly, not through some governmental or political prism.

Politicians and governments are self serving entities that like to be generous with other people’s money. Their end game is power, don’t give them more power. Empower those who really need it.


  1. kommonsentsjane · November 15

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    Excellent summation of immigration. Why does the U.S. continue allowing the depletion of citizens from other countries to build their own slave labor for corporations in this country?


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    • johnbarleycorn12 · November 15

      Thank you for reading and commenting. My only gues is the open borders crowd wants globalism and not nationalism. Sort of like an EU or A UN in charge of everything and everybody.


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