Who Wins a Civil War In America?

The short answer is, we all lose. No change that comes from war and violence is ever good. Shutting down free speech and restricting open debate on controversial issues leaves us open the the frustration that follows, usually manifested in hatred, division, and violence.

There are millions of ex military and their families who are peaceful, freedom loving Americans, who believe in our system of governance. Add hunters, gun owners, patriots, free speech advocates, Republicans, conservatives, Libertarians, deplorables, honest liberals, law enforcment, and current military, to that list. All of these people can be formidable opponents.

Those on the left who  are promoting violence, threats, and intimidation toward these people are foolish. These people are by and large peace loving people, but if they feel threatened; beware. They will defend themselves and their freedoms.

Good people can agree to disagree. Do not listen to the haters and dividers among us. When they preach violence between Americans, they have gone too far, and do not deserve to be followed.

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