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The US Sells Arms to Taiwan – China Shows its Anger

The US Sells Arms to Taiwan - China Shows its Anger (article)

The Communist Revolution in 1949 resulted in an exodus to Taiwan, ever since, Beijing has viewed Taiwan as a rogue or breakaway province and not a separate country. So when the US sells arms to Taiwan, the voices in Beijing become louder and this impacts US relations. In a deal that states that the US will sell $330 million on spare parts for aircraft to Taiwan, China is making it crystal clear to the US that it is not pleased.

China sees Taiwan as a rogue state, while the US sees it as a partner in security. A US government statement said Taiwan is, “an important force for political stability, military balance, and economic progress in the region.” The Pentagon`s Defense Security Cooperation Agency has said that the sale will contribute to improving security and capability of the recipient.

We all know that Taiwan is a hot spot for the Chinese and the Americans – there have been several military challenges, the most recent being during the Clinton presidency when US aircraft battle groups were sent to the Taiwan Straits. The US has had several spats with Beijing on arms sales and other assistance to the island country of Taiwan. In June of 2017, the US sold missiles to Taiwan, again causing a verbal challenge from Beijing.

The Trump Administration has slapped tariffs on Chinese goods to the tune of over $200 billion dollars and continues to work closely with Taiwan – again a rogue state in the eyes of Beijing – so the US – China relationship will likely get worse before it gets better.

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