Justice Served

Child Rape Suspect on Run Caught by US Marshals After Being Found in a Bedroom Closet

A Pennsylvania community is breathing a sigh of relief after learning that an alleged sexual predator in their community has been arrested.

After more than a week of attempting to evade police, 47-year-old David Hamilton Jr. was apprehended on Sept. 28 in Aston Township, Pennsylvania.

According to a report from Lehigh Valley Live, Hamilton was wanted by authorities for alleged child rape in addition to a dozen felonies and a slew of sex crimesincluding “aggravated indecent assault; indecent assault; involuntary deviate sexual assault with child; photographing, filming or depicting on a computer a sex act involving a child; and statutory sexual assault.”

When police officer Steven Gruber confronted Hamilton on Sept. 21, the wanted criminal tried to take the officer’s weapon before fleeing on a bicycle.

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The nine-day manhunt came to a conclusion when officers received a tip that Hamilton was hiding out in a woman’s home in Aston Township.

Police searched the home and found Hamilton hiding in a bedroom closet on the second story of the home.

“This sexual predator placed the community in significant danger,” Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Clark said in a news release. “We are extremely glad we were able to bring Mr. Hamilton in custody without incident and in a timely manner.”

According to KYW, when reporters asked Hamilton why he would rape two children, he responded with, “I would never.”

If he “would never,” then why did Hamilton flee?

“Because I know how the courts and the law is nowadays with all these cases,” Hamilton managed. “People assume you’re guilty until proven innocent.”

The Wednesday following Hamilton’s arrest, police arrested Meredith Custodio, 58, for allowing Hamilton to hide out in the home where she worked as a live-in caretaker.

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District Judge Daniel Baranoski in Penndel, Bucks County denied bail, citing Hamilton as a “flight risk and danger to the community,” Lehigh Valley Live reported.

Sexual predators thrive on secrecy and the emotional and psychological manipulation of their victims, and are very good at getting away with their devious acts, often for years or decades.

Hamilton has allegedly been committing sex crimes against children since 2013, and at last, will be held accountable for his actions.

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