The Attempt to Overthrow Trump @Armstrong Economics

Mueller is Conspiring to Overthrow Trump & How to Stop Him

Mueller has conspired with others in the Deep Stateto take down Donald Trump as President. The way they do that is, in fact, to prosecute absolutely everyone around him to compel them to give false evidence against an individual. That is the standard operating procedure in how criminal cases are brought.

The talk behind the curtain is that Mueller will not only target all of Trump’s companies to try to destroy his empire and pass info to the Southern District of New York to bring charges as he did with Michael Cohen, but he will most likely indict Trump’s eldest son for even meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower. That meeting was to brief Trump’s son on the Magnitsky Act and that it was a cover-up for the US attempt to take over Russia and control the 2000 elections. This was the Bank of New York case, blackmailing Yeltsin, who then turned to Putin for help in return for making him the head of Russia. This is what Putin requested to interrogate in the USA in return for Mueller to interrogate Russians. The USA has rejected to allow Putin to question any American official.

Another of Trump’s friends, Roger Stone, has also gone public stating he expects Mueller to try to indict him in order to testify against Trump.

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