Turkey’s Debt & Currency Crisis Morphs into Financial Crisis as Banks Face Funding Squeeze

The Turks have a dictator running their economy, we have a successful businessman. I feel bad for the Turkish people.

Rigged Game

“Substantial Increase in the Risk of a Downside Scenario”: Moody’s

The risks are fast multiplying in Turkey’s beleaguered economy. In a clear sign of deterioration, Turkey’s economic confidence index plunged 9% month-on-month to 83.9 points in August, its lowest since March 2009. The country’s currency, the Lira, resumed its downward spiral. And Moody’s downgraded 20 financial institutions in Turkey.

Moody’s cited a “substantial increase in the risk of a downside scenario,” for Turkey’s lenders. The banks affected include a number of foreign-owned subsidiaries such as Turkiye Garanti Bankasi A.S. (half-owned by Spain’s BBVA), Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi A.S. (part owned by Italy’s Unicredit), ING Bank A.S. and HSBC Bank A.S., as well as large state-owned banks like Ziraat Bankasi and Halk Bankasi.

Turkish banks are particularly risk-prone in the current environment due to their excessive dependence on foreign currency funding (emphasis added):

“Turkish banks are highly reliant on foreign currency…

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