Nighttime Coffee Shop (Ode to Insomnia)

Been there,😊

Existential Poetry

Dead eyes, night lights

A sea of stars drowns in obsidian skies

And Time’s withered claws scrape across the mirror in your mind

Or is it a window? 

Eyes shine bright in the reflection but there’s something on the other side 

The huff and bustle of sleepy coffee shop life 

Rain drips down the glass beneath your tired eyelids 

Or is it a curtain? 

Stained-glass tear stains,

The rain melts the rose-colored windows into view

Is it steam that fogs your sleepy mind?

Blink. Stare. Repeat.

Pillow stuffed with dreams undreamt 

Held hostage by nightmares that are 

Or is it the feathers that tickle you awake?

Tickle? I meant choke.

Rip their claws off your neck, wake up and smell the coffee! 

Or is it desperation? 

Breathe it in, let the caffeinated air fill your lungs until they implode

And look…

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