The Bleak House of the US-Turkey Alliance

Time for us to move on from that failed relationship

Rigged Game

By MK Bhadrakumar and cross-posted from Asia Times

The Trump administration’s falling out with Turkey stems from many factors – US support for the Kurds amid the war in Syria, its backing for the ‘coup-plotter’ Gulen, plus Turkey’s ‘pivot to the East’ and embrace of Iran, so there are no easy answers.

Strictly speaking, this is not the first time that Washington has imposed sanctions against Turkey. But the circumstances are entirely different, which makes the present crisis far more intractable.

The US imposed an arms embargo on Turkey in 1975 followed the latter’s invasion and occupation of Northern Cyprus. Ankara retaliated by shutting down all US bases in Turkey. Nonetheless, it wasn’t really symptomatic of a breakdown in the ‘bilateral’ Turkish-American relationship as such – although, it took over three years and protracted negotiations for the status quo to be restored.

The Turkish military, which was traditionally the most…

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