Your Self Control is Power

Anger is the Segway to everything bad. Passion is a good replacement for anger.


portrait-3163518__480 Pixabay: photo ©

Our ability to be in total control of our thoughts, emotions and our entire being at all times is the ultimate expression of  power. Self control is made up of an impulse control, emotional control, and movement control.

You can’t control what LIFE THROWS at you, and you simply CAN’T HAVE CONTROL over others. Be it what they do, or how they will act. But what you can have is self control over your ACTIONS, THOUGHTS, AND YOUR EMOTIONS.

If you learn self control,

you can master anything.

And therefore, will control the outcome of your life, only if you take control of your own self, first.

There are times we desire things that are not in our best interest, but the ultimate expression of power (SELF CONTROL) that we have over ourselves, is what prevent us from DERAILING.


I know every single one of us have either…

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