Muslim Imam Rips-off U.S. Charter Schools

The corruption runs deep

American Intelligence Media

Would you believe that the second largest charter school company in America, that has received $2.1 billion in taxpayer money, is run by a known radical Islamic terrorist and is protected by his powerful lobbying of U.S. politicians?

Would you believe that this group, Hizmet, has been indicted and convicted of many crimes and yet still operates and launders U. S. tax dollars to terrorist organizations?

Hizmet is Fethullah Gulen’s educational cult that has made massive donations to U.S. politicians and has hijacked the U. S. charter school movement with his 167 “public” charter schools.

Here is a short list of crimes that Gulen’s Hizmet (FETO- Fethullahci Teror Orgutu) U. S. charter schools have been convicted of:

  • Gulen charter schools in four states are under FBI probesfor fraud, forgery of documents, unlawful profits and irregularities.
  • Three charter schools in California, operating under the name Magnolia, could be shut…

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