The Immigration Debate

We are being told that our government under the leadership of President Trump is tearing innocent children from the arms of their innocent parents.

I have some questions for the open borders crowd. Why do we need more immigrants when our cities are very crowded and prices are very high for simple things like rent and food. More demand will mean higher prices and when you bring more people into a country you create more demand. These are the basic laws of economics that cannot be ignored in any serious debate.

More immigration will also put more strain on our public school system and our medical system. Where is cost of educating our children rising higher than the rate of inflation, and medical costs doing the same. Why do we need more stress on our medical system and our education system?

To get to the core of my initial question, we have to consider that when juveniles break the law in our country they are separated from their parents. When our government determines that the environment in a home is unsafe, the children are separated from their children.

When children illegally in our country whether they are accompanied by their parents or a smuggler posing as their parents they have broken laws of our country. I know this may sound harsh but unfortunately it is our reality.

Why should people who enter our country illegally have more rights and benefits then people who already live here. My guess is that big businesses want downward pressure on wages by bringing in more immigrants.

Another point here is that politicians who support illegal immigration will one day have a generation of thankful and supporting voters. I know this sounds very cynical, but it appears to me that these politicians are more worried about illegal immigrants and they are about actual American citizens who live here legally.

My personal bottom line is that I do not like people who cut in line in front of others and refuse to wait for their turn to get some place or to get ahead in this world. This is a very basic common courtesy that you don’t cut in line in front of people who are waiting to legally come to this country.

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