Beautiful Death

The Rendezvous Club

See the world

through your inner eye

and feel the Enthralling beauty

of the molten lava

which feasts your eyes

with orange gold

which feeds on everything

slowly slowly

But please don’t care

about the impending doom

rather think about the

Beauty of death.


Listen to the mellifluous voice

of the raindrops

who talks to each other

that the bewitching lightning

that follows

will set fire to the forest

and annihilate everything.

But don’t worry

for things are like this

So just listen to the

Song of death.


Feel the water and

taste it’s beauty

and welcome change

because tides are changing

giving way

to gigantic waves

and the tsunami

that comes to hug and love

the land will wipe out

half the island.

But please don’t fear

for there’s beauty in it.

Such is ..


Beautiful Death

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