If Italy Exits the Euro, It Could Be the End of the Single Currency

The more the EU tries to gain more power, it will eventually slip through their fingers

Rigged Game

The truth is that Italy should never have joined the euro in the first place

By Roger Bootle and cross-posted from the Sydney Morning Herald

You might think that it would be fitting if the European Union were to come to a sticky end because of Italy. After all, the agreement that established the entity that we now call the European Union was signed in Rome.

For several decades after that 1957 treaty, Italy was one of the strongest supporters of the European project.

Having endured first fascism and then, after the war, unstable and ineffectual government, it suffered none of the angst about the loss of sovereignty that plagued British debates about joining the European Community. Moreover, in the early years of the union, Italy prospered. At one point its GDP overtook the UK’s, an event that was widely celebrated in Italy as “il sorpasso”, the surpassing, or, if…

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