Italy On Verge Of Inducing Fresh European Crisis

Investors beware and educate yourself

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Tired (or maybe bored) of worrying about rising interest rates, a rising dollar and higher oil prices? Then fear not, because according to Bloomberg macro strategist and former Lehman trader, Mark Cudmore, you can now start worrying about a new, or rather well-forgotten, potential risk flashpoint, namely Italy which, as he writes in his latest Macro View note overnight, is “on the verge of inducing a fresh European crisis.” Full note below.

Italy on Verge of Inducing a Fresh European Crisis

It may be time to move on from rising Treasury yields and trade wars. An Italian-led euro crisis is on the verge of becoming the dominant theme for markets.

It turns out that the euro break-up trade isn’t dead — it’s just been hibernating and is likely to return with a vengeance in the months ahead if the populists get their way.

Their proposed economic…

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