Letter to Airline Regarding NRA Members

I was sorry to hear that you were distancing Delta Airlines from the NRA.  As a proud, law abiding gun owner and NRA member, I wish to share a few thoughts with you

A couple of points to consider:

More than most organizations, the NRA is very much a grass roots organization.  There are 5 million of us who are members.  There are many, many more who are supporters

The NRA actually puts a lot of effort into training people to be responsible gun owners and users.  It teaches them how to safely handle and shoot firearms.  It sponsors hunter safety programs and shooting competitions (with great emphasis on safety)

It offers programs to teach new firearm instructors who can then instruct youth and adults on the safe use of firearms

The NRA is not funded by the gun manufacturers.  The NRA is not the shill for the gun manufacturers.

The people who make up this organization are very much committed to our God Given Rights under the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  You need to remember that as you criticize the NRA and its members.  We have good memories.

In spite of popular belief, the NRA did not cause or contribute to the Parkland, FL school shooting tragedy.  The NRA did not pull the trigger

Years ago, people living not so rural communities would actually bring their rifles to school with them, some were stored in the school itself, some in their vehicles out in the parking lot.  Some schools had rifle shooting clubs.  Some were used by hunters after school to do a little hunting on the way home from school.  In spite of the presence of guns in the schools, there were ABSOLUTELY no school shootings.  So what changed?  Do you think perhaps that our attitude toward the value of life has changed?

Until very recently, most mass shootings were done with pistols, not rifles and certainly not AR-15’s.

By trying to ban the object (the firearm), you are ignoring the root cause of the problem.  Until we change our society to respect the value of human life, these tragic incidents will continue.  If you ban the AR-15 and other semi-automatic  rifles, the deranged people will revert back to handguns.  If you ban handguns, they will bring bombs.  We can either get to the root cause of their hate for fellow students and teachers or we can harden our schools and stop them at the door.

In order to stop these mass shootings, we need to work on the root cause of the problem.  The root cause is not the NRA.  It is not semi-automatic firearms.  It is not high capacity magazines.  It is the sickness in the heads and souls of the people who would do these terrible things

Your demonizing the NRA will perhaps earn you a few brownie points.  It might make some people feel better, part of the “We need to do something” that follows these tragic killings.  The problem is, the “something” being proposed will not solve the problem.

Please work toward solving the problem.

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