Trump’s Enemy Is Not Your Friend: Why We Shouldn’t Defend Amazon

Amazon is not our friend.

Rigged Game

Why must we choose between the worst president of our lifetimes and one of the most rapacious corporate enterprises in the country?

By Thomas Frank and cross-posted from The Guardian

President Trump last week resumed his campaign of critical tweets about the online retailer Amazon, which he accuses of paying too little in taxes and of getting too good a deal from the United States Postal Service, which delivers many of its packages. Along the way he also asserted that the company used the Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos, to lobby for Amazon’s interests. The price of Amazon shares fell on the news.

In threatening a single business because of some personal quarrel with its CEO – apparently in order to squeeze friendlier coverage out of a newspaper that the CEO happens to own – Donald Trump has clearly violated the basic…

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