Arrest Mark Zuckerberg for Crimes Against the State

The real news

American Intelligence Media


In the audio below, Douglas Gabriel from the American Intelligence Media and Michael McKibben from Americans for Innovation explain the crimes that Mark Zuckerberg,  Silicon Valley techlords, and the Clinton State Department committed when they used Indian foreign agents to rig the 2016 presidential election.

We suggest you listen to the audio first so you can hear how the dots connect, then link to the headlines below where you will find the evidence of the criminality which leads to the Senior Executive Service, the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton and her corrupt entourage. Heads up Mueller. This could be the Russian you are looking for – Dmitry Shevelenko.

Arrest Mark Zuckerberg for Crimes Against the State



Dmitry Shevelenko Profile

Dmitry Shevelenko.

Obstruction of Justice.

Election Rigging by Facebook 


Facebook Contract with State Department

Facebook contract with State Department.

[389] U.S. Dept. of State Contract. (Sep. 26, 2009). U.S. Dept. of State Contract…

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