Time to Wake Up America

Politicians who are bought and paid for are attacking our rights and freedoms in many ways.

They have enacted policies and taxation that have ruined the traditional family and the middle class. Women now have to work which doubles the tax base.

Christianity and freedom of religion are under constant attack. With government and leftist entities deciding which religions enjoy a double standard in regard to religious freedoms.

We are constantly being divided by made up cultural divides over sex, morality, skin color, religion, ethnicity, gender, wealth. Americans are being told that we live in an unfair country.

The bottom line is debt slavery. We are well over 21 trillion dollars in debt, with no end in sight. Just imagine paying only 1% interest on that debt. All of the above mentioned tactics along with many others are being used to divide us and distract us, while generations of young Americans are being sold into debt slavery.

The price for all of this spending and debt will be paid, and when that bill comes due, the price will enact a horrible toll on our country. It will become unrecognizable to those who lived to see it in it’s former glory.

This is a gross oversimplification of why we are where we are, but the bottom line rings rings true. Do not let them get away with ruining our country and our youths future. In the end, we will get the governance we deserve. No pun intended.

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