1. philipbrockman · March 24

    A couple months ago when he submitted a $300 billion dollar budget, I read through some of the paragraphs, finding empty pockets and opportunities for increases. I told everyone then, that this is going to be a trillion bucks real soon. And low and behold, it’s a 1.3 trillion dollar fiasco. I hope they get their bunkers lined in linen for that.

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  2. philipbrockman · March 24

    I’m pretty sure now, that it was planned all along, but they didn’t want the DOW to slide too soon…you know, until they can milk what they can from it.

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    • johnbarleycorn12 · March 24

      All that defense spending will prop up the economy for a short while. Agree with you on that, their are always several motives behind these deals.

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