U.S. Public Debt Surges By $175 Billion In One Day — SGT Articles – SGT Report

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco:

After the U.S. Government passed the new budget and debt increase, with the
President’s signature and blessing, happy days are here again.  Or are
they?  As long as the U.S. Government can add debt, then the Global
Financial and Economic Ponzi Scheme can continue a bit longer.  However,
the days of adding one Dollar of debt to increase the GDP by two-three
Dollars are gone forever.  Now, we are adding three-four Dollars of debt to
create an additional Dollar in GDP.  This monetary hocus-pocus isn’t
— Read on www.sgtreport.com/articles/2018/2/14/us-public-debt-surges-by-175-billion-in-one-day

This should alarm you. The best way to drain the swamp is to defund it.

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