Draining the Swamp

The number two man at the FBI announced his retirement after being exposed as a partisan hack while being questioned by Congress. I suspect he saw the writing on the wall, with more questions, and lies to cover up lies.

The top lawyer in the FBI was demoted to Human Resources after being exposed as a leaker. The Democrats brought this on themselves by starting up this investigation about Russia meddling in our elections. Which even if true, would be a big nothing burger, because we have a long history of meddling in foreign elections.

The real truth here is that Soros and his globalist buddies have been running our country into the ground for the last decade or two. Crimes were committed and covered up in the process. Hillary as President would have given them more years of dirty deeds and cover. When Trump won, they were in shock and went into full attack against him and his supporters. Many of those in his own party turned against, some had taken money from Soros like Ryan, Rubio, Bush, and a few others. The elder Bush voted for Hillary.

Their strategy has failed and Trump grows stronger with working class people and those who want the swamp drained.

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