The Fallacy of Appeasement

The Leftsits and Progressives in some Western countries are not happy with the freedom for consenting adults to do and choose as they please. If you do not agree with them on any social or political issue, you must be villified, attacked, harmed, maimed, ruined, called names, and cast out of their realm of normalicy.

Agree to disagree is not the way of these idealogues, there must be consequences for those who do not fall in line to their prescribed dogma. You are to be tried in the court of Social Media and Public Opinion. Legal process is of no concern to them.

We must see them and their tactics for what they are, and not give ito them and their world view. Tacit approval by our silence or thinking we can appease them, will not deter them. Fight them around every corner and never give in. History has given us a clear picture of what mob rule can do to a free and civilized country. Freedom at any cost.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

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