Trump Stays in the News

Trump has this uncanny knack for staying on the front page of the news, of the major reporting outlets. I am not sure if that is purposeful on his part, or just the way he’s always done business. The part that I find humorous in all of this, Is the way he keeps his critics foaming at the mouth angry.

His tweets just add another dimension to this. Giving him the ability to stay out in front of the media before they can distort what he says. His critics liken him to a bombastic buffoon, I am beginning to come to the conclusion that he is playing them like a cheap fiddle.

He can get down and dirty with the nastiest partisan politician from either party, and in the same day make an eloquent speech on the greatness of a country that he obviously loves. The man amazes me almost every day with his management of the economy, such a rapid turnaround from the stagnation of the Obama years.

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