With Liberty and Justice for All?

I beg to differ in today’s America. We have politicians who exempt themselves from the very laws they pass for the rest of us. One such case is Obamacare. The Democrats overwhelmingly voted  Obamacare for the masses, yet exempted themselves from the mandatory coverage. There was an appeal to the Supreme Court, and by one vote, Obamacare was forced on the rest of us by a Supreme Court Justice appointed by the former Republican President, George Bush. The same George Bush who gave us the TSA,  DHS, and the infamous Freedom Act which allowed our deep state spying operation to spy on everyone and everything.

A Female Democratic Legislator recently divulged that millions of dollars had been paid to people filing sexual charges against federal lawmakers. No prosecutions and no punishment, while the taxpayers paid the fines.

A big election victory put the GOP in charge of every aspect of the federal government yet they can’t find the votes to repeal Obamacare, which is piling extra costs on the people who actually pay into it, while giving free healthcare to those who cannot afford it, by government standards. Some 11 million people according to estimates.

The criminal deeds of the past administration start to come to light with money laundering, outright bribery, perjury, illegal spying, and  possible murder (Seth Rich for one example). Yet we have no active prosecutions of any of the people directly involved after almost a year.

As a sage friend of mine once said, “Our  political parties are two cheeks of the same ass and they both stink.” Our political system is badly broken and needs an immediate overhaul in a big way. Until we stop looking at politics through a two party paradigm, and demand prosecution of these criminals, we can expect more of the same.

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