Democrats Win Seats in Off Year Election

This may sound alarming but it happens in almost every election cycle. The opposite party of the President usually picks up seats.

The only thing different in this year’s election is that the President’s own party is opposing him also. You find that the establishment Republicans are not much different than the establishment Democrats. We still have Obamacare, Trump is under investigation by a special prosecutor while neither Obama or Clinton are, we have no meaningful tax reform, we have more deficit spending and piling on of the national debt.

Yet we are told it is our duty as good citizens to vote and choose our political leaders. Why bother when either way you get more of the same, with just enough difference on divisive issues to make you think you have a choice.

I do like the way the economy is humming along and how Trump has diminished regulation on the economy, bringing more people into the work force. Outside of that, our Republican majority has been impotent.

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