A truly free and open market

Fully agreed.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

A truly free and open market

By Jon Rappoport

As an example, take modern medicine.

I’m not simply talking about health insurance companies competing for your dollar in a free market. Nor am I only talking about your ability to choose your own doctor.

I’m talking about health practitioners of every stripe free to care for patients, as long as they don’t use remedies that are more harmful than the standard allopathic modalities, for any given condition.

If you’ve been reading my work exposing, citation by citation, the destruction modern medicine wreaks on the population, you know natural practitioners can operate without danger of overstepping that boundary.

And if that were the case? If we were living in such a free and open health economy?

For one thing, independent research would be stimulated to the hilt. For another thing, alternative practitioners would mightily expand their territory. Patient choice would rule…

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