The dream of flying


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The dream of flying

Therapy in the year 2067

by Jon Rappoport

May 3, 2017

Mr. Johnson, a troubled man who worked in a warren of offices at the Department of Acute Analysis of Trends and Energy Quotas, sat in the familiar quiet room of his therapist, Dr. Bright. Another weekly session.

Bright: What is it today, Johnson?

Johnson: Well, Doctor, I had a dream.

Bright: About what?

Johnson: I dreamed I was free.

Bright: Free? What does that mean?

Johnson: I don’t know. The word came to me. It rang a bell in my thoughts. I tried to understand it, but I failed.

Bright: Perhaps because the word means nothing.

Johnson: I considered that. But I couldn’t dismiss it.

Bright: You’re doing the State Meditation? You’re taking your medication?

Johnson: Of course. But in the dream I was excited.

Bright: Excited. That’s another vague word. We’ve gone over this…

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