160508 – Oil De-Dollarization

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Ruble-Priced Oil

As one of the largest oil producers, Russia is close to taking the next big step towards de-dollarization and killing the petro-dollar. Step-by-step, Russia, China, and other emerging economies are taking measures to reduce their exposure to the U.S. dollar. By selling oil in Rubles, and not dollars, this could be a deciding blow to the “petrodollar’s” dominance.

The Fed’s Signal

The Fed is now actively protecting the criminal Too-Big-For-Jail banks by creating a new rule that will prevent the counter-parties, from taking their collateral away when the bank is collapsing. It is easy to see how this “collateral freeze” regulation will eventually morph into a de facto bail-in mechanism. In short, depositors will get virtually nothing when the next banking crisis hits.

Medical Errors

Before the 20th century, the average person would only go to the hospital as a…

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