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How It Ends

According to a stunningly candid transcript of Japan’s finance minister’s conversation with Paul Krugman, the real endgame for the current currency war will be actual war. The only thing they need is the trigger and the way things are going, it will not be difficult.

Unwanted Treasuries

Strategists say there are signs that the buildup of U.S. Treasuries held by dealers is having a ripple effect as it is mucking up the plumbing of the financial system. The 22 primary dealers held more Treasuries last month than any time in the last two years.

Helicopter Money

Since the 2008 financial crisis, the Fed has used reckless monetary policies to “stimulate” the economy; however, these policies have been a huge failure. Now, within five years, the U.S. government will be giving money away to jump-start the economy. Maybe, we will…

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