160120 – Banks Bracing for Oil

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Paying the Piper

According to James Turk, the U.S. government is walking on a precipice, and it is touch-and-go whether it falls into the abyss this year. If the current path continues, a dollar collapse and hyperinflation will be the inevitable result. Commodity prices are down because global economic activity has dropped as a result of too much debt and now the piper has to be paid.

Banks Bracing for Oil

Banks have helped bankroll America’s energy boom and now that oil has crashed below $30 a barrel, turmoil is ripping through the energy industry. While low oil prices, which in turn lead to low gas prices, may be good for the average consumer, it will not be good for the avalanche of oil companies going under as they lay off thousands of workers with quality jobs. Speaking of oil…

North Dakota Crude

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