151129 – Winners and Losers

Scott nails it again.

The Hyper Report

Today’s Items:

China’s Gambling

Despite China’s latest stock market crash, the Shanghai stock market has risen 3,500% in 25 years. So, as China’s gambling for stocks and physical gold continues, things will get more interesting.

Winners and Losers

With every event, one must ask who are the ultimate winners and losers. For example, using emergency laws put into place after the Paris shootings, France imprisoned 24 green activists before a UN summit. So, the winner here is the state while the losers, green or not, are the people… again.

3 Reasons to Own Gold

According to Larry Edelson, at Weiss Research, here are three reasons to own gold…
1. Over time, the price will almost certainly rise.
2. Buy gold as a form of insurance against government and central bank madness.
3. Gold is better than cash since the U.S. dollar lost over 98%…

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