151125 – Seismic Lies?

Good report.

The Hyper Report

Today’s Items:

4 Reasons for Deflation

Here are four reasons without detail, according to Mike Maloney, why there will be real deflation before hyperinflation…
1. The overreaction to the 2008 crisis that caused a credit-debt bubble in which all bubbles pop.
2. Whatever bubbles you are in, the opposite happens of what is of the greatest benefit to the most people.
3. The Baby Boom demographic disaster – who is going to take care of the elderly?
4. The convergence of economic cycles; such as, the wealth distribution cycle.

Tape of Execution

A tape recording shows the CIA funded Free Syrian Army executing Russian pilots as they were parachuting to save their lives when Turkey shot down their planes. Can you say war crimes?

Signs of Decay

Here are four signs of decay within the U.S…
1. There is a House bill that would…

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