151115 – Retirement Insolvency

Scott nails it again.

The Hyper Report

Today’s Items:

How Obama Contained ISIS

The Islamic terror attacks in Paris only demonstrates what happens when armed so-called migrants, with AK-47’s, are allowed enter a country. Europe has claimed that they would sit out the next World War; however, ironically it may once again start on their soil. On the other side of the pond, Obama will likely never utter the words “Islamic terrorist” because of his close relations to the Muslim Brotherhoodterrorist organization.

100 Yuan Note

As the IMF is poised to recommend the Yuan be included in the IMF fund’s Special Drawing Rights reserve-currency basket, the new Chinese Yuan was introduced by the People’s Bank of China. One of the main differences is that the printed number 100 has gone from red to gold. Now, gee… With China buying more gold annually than the world produces and being the

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