151004 – Fed’s Unemployment Excuses

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Fed’s Unemployment Excuses

To explain why the job participation rate is at a 40 year record low, the Atlanta Fed stated that labor fore participation among prime-age individuals has been driven mostly by the share who say they currently don’t want a job. Here are a few reasons why that is not the whole truth…
1. Major corporations are laying off workers and not hiring.
2. The Millennial generation is encumbered with $1 trillion in debt.
3. The perverted incentive structure of a welfare state that makes it more attractive to stay unemployed.

Inflation in 15 Minutes

According to James Rickards, a central bank’s worst nightmare is when they want inflation and can’t get it. Aside from QE, they have another tool that they used in 1933 to cause inflation in 15 minutes. They could hold an impromptu meeting and then publicly announce gold…

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