150917 – Unfunded Corporate Pensions?

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Financial Bubble Ready to Burst

Robert Shiller, a Nobel Laureate, says that confidence levels are at an all-time low for the 21st Century – with clear indications that investors see the market as overvalued, and vulnerable to collapse. The stock market has clearly been built up on a huge bubble of artificially high prices for things like real estate. Just imagine the chaos when things unravel. Of course, was anyone, who understands what is going on, really surprised the Fed did not raise interest rates?


The total amount of gold, held by the Comex, is 218 tons. This is one month’s demand of physical bullion by China and India alone. The Bank of England bailed out the Comex and LBMA in 1999. It will be interesting to see if a bailout is possible this time around. Especially since JP Morgan experienced a 45%…

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