150827 – Fire Tasers

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It’s the Global Economy, Stupid

While there may be some up days, according to Gerald Celente, the financial markets are at the beginning of a total market meltdown and global collapse. Omitted from the headline blame game as that U.S. equity markets had been trending down since late July. As things get worse, the 1992 Clinton campaign slogan will be updated to “It’s the global economy, stupid.”

Equities Bear Market

Many may not care about the equity market as the stock market has overall seen losses; however, it should be noted that states have invested their already unfunded pensions in this market.


According to Jim Sinclair, the Great Credit Unwind will see currencies of all sorts, take turns crashing. In addition, the gold and silver markets are really tight and if you want physical metal from the paper… good luck! He…

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